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Tianjin Evergrande oasis scene yangfang foundation reinforcement project.

Author:管理员 Source:本站 Time:2018-04-05

Tianjin Evergrande oasis scene foreign house was completed in 2011, and in September 2012, the construction unit found that some of the building foundations had uneven settlement, with the construction subject leaning and other problems.By the survey of our understanding, the project is located block foundation for grain filling, the depth of 0.4-1.5 meters, our company based on information provided by the owner and the analysis of the investigation will subsidence reasons as: building foundation design processes improper, combined with geological special cause uneven settlement; In October the same year the company approach in view of the uneven subsidence of individual houses to carry out the lifting of foundation reinforcement construction, the company adopts WSS can non-shrink grout grouting construction, through to the building ground grouting reinforcement backfill soil, the unstable soil filling is close-grained, improved the foundation bearing capacity, have the effect of solid foundation, to meet the design requirements of subgrade bearing capacity, to prevent the uneven settlement.After strengthening and lifting the building, the subsidence is all in the horizontal state, reaching the construction acceptance standard.
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